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Digital Vs Covid Initiative

Distant Socially, Together Digitally.

The COVID-19 crisis that we are all facing is going to change our lives. In the coming months of this pandemic, the business will be impacted, nothing is going to be the same again.

We  believe that during this lock-down, going digital is going to help our clients specially SMEs, Micro Businesses and Individuals. Considering that a lot of shops and businesses will close down, those who will quickly embrace this new way will eventually come out and stand out in the market.

We feel the responsibility to play a role in helping our partners, clients, friends and peers. We need to help them to transform their business and prepare them for the immediate future.

So as a gesture of support, we are now offering a 78% discount on our regular packages. We have decided to offer RM 10/month for the *first 6 month for every new sign-ups (instead of our regular price of RM 45/month).

Let us all work together to transform the situation and win it for everyone. #kitajagakita, we will take care of each other through this.

Surely we will win the #DigitalVSCovid

EZAssist – Intelligent Sales Assistant for business is a smart solution to keep your businesses running and overcome COVID-19 crisis. It will assist you to continue business operations in the current situation. Reach your customers online with our Intelligent Sales assistant. It will communicate with customers, identify potential leads and even provide followup on them too!

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